Orthopaedic Rehab Center of Chattanooga is a dedicated orthopaedic inpatient-short-stay, nursing and rehabilitation unit, specializing in the clinical and therapy needs of your total joint replacement/revision patients.

ORCC is changing the post-acute care delivery mindset: volume to value, through care redesign. Let us provide the ideal experience for your total joint replacement/revision patients.

Our Approach

  • Onsite, Orthopaedic Medical Director
  • Medical and Ancillary Staff availability 24/7
  • MD and/or Physician Extender (NP/PA) visits up to 5 x/week (unmatched by other rehab facilities in the ara)
  • Nursing to patient ratios not to exceed 1:6 (unmatched by other rehab facilities in the area)

Our highly trained clinical and rehab teams are focused on a quick and uncomplicated recovery offering:

  • A Plan of Care that is driven by individual orthopedic surgeons protocols.
  • DVT Scanning at 5 days post-op
  • Proactive pain management
  • Surgical site assessments and wound care consultations
  • Nutrition and Dietician consultation

Our admissions and on-boarding process will:

  • Identify medical risk factors for re-hospitalization or greater lengths of stay
  • Engage Social Services with the patient, family and the next site of care provider
  • Treat all patients like Bundled Patients — Return Home quickly at a safe and functional level

Our Goal

Provide successful rehabilitation and clinical care for total joint replacement patients from a specialized team of professionals.

Our Focus

Patients at a higher risk for re-admission during the global period, such as those who live alone and cannot drive, will benefit from our dedicated short-stay setting.

Our Accommodations

The comforts and conveniences of home for patient and family-centered focus.

  • Eight – two-bedroom suites adjoining bathrooms to accommodate overnight stays for patients and a family member or caregiver.
  • Patient rooms tastefully decorated and furnished – emphasizing comfort, convenience and safety.
  • Spa-like shower rooms/facilities.
  • A dedicated Private Entrance and Parking for family and guests.

Our Rehab Gym

Private state-of-the-art rehab gym, fully equipped with the newest machines and resources:

  • Complete Therapy Evaluations — Utilizing Standardized Tests and Assessments
  • Rehab services available 7 days a week with twice daily treatments
  • Therapy home assessments for safe transitions home